Friday, October 15, 2010

Valley Forge National Park

I have been wanting to go and take picture at Valley Forge National Park. The Harvest Moon was occurring and seemed like it would be a great night to go the park. Unfortunately, there was a bad storm and the clouds were so thick you could not seen the moon. I was able to come across this breath taking memorial and managed to capture it's beauty.

Soldier's Memorial at Valley Forge

Photo Note: I was trying to get a picture with the sun setting behind this but found the end result of this to be better. The sunset would only distract from the front lighting of the memorial and provide less contrast against the dark sky in the background.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Shoot: A Bridge Too Far

Back in the Spring a friend approached me to do a photo shoot for his band, A Bridge Too Far. Just like the Halle wedding, I quickly declined as I felt they should get a more experienced photographer. They asked again and I still declined but they persisted. I finally agreed with the condition that they lower any expectations they may have. So I begun my research and discussions with the band. Since they are a Philly area rock band, they wanted it to be at locations in Philadelphia and fit with the personality of the band. I was extremely nervous and had many doubts that I would not be able to direct the shoot the way a photographer should. With 6 locations chosen and outfits and instruments ready to go, we headed out for the shoot. Eight hours later, I was very pleased with myself and the direction I gave, the pictures came out amazing. A lot of editing was still needed. Here are a sample of the pictures. The full album can viewed here.

Photo Note: Shots were taken at multiple locations througout Center City Philadelphia; 2nd & South, Markest East Station, Behind Art Muesem, Drexel Park and Penn Treaty Park.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Philadelphia at Night

It has been a while since my last post. Don't worry. I have been out doing some shooting. Summer gets to be a busy time as you may know. I had been wanting to go out and do some night time photography for a little while and found myself with a free Saturday night. So, I headed into center city philly and drove for about an hour before the sun went down and decided what I wanted to shoot. Like any other major city, philly has it's crime, trash, and areas you just don't want to be in, but if you look past that and get to the good spots, you can see the beauty it has to offer.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camera Club - Scavenger Hunt

After getting a new camera I wanted to drown myself in all things photography. I joined a local camera club, Huntingdon Valley Camera Club. We recently went on the annual photo scavenger hunt. We met at the library, where meetings are held, and found out that morning where we were going and our list of photos to capture. Our location was Bristol, PA. I had never been to the heart of Bristol, but what a beautiful and rich town it is. Located right along the water, there is so much beauty in this little town. The shots had to be taken in the order on the list and there was no redo's. Once you took the shot you had to move on. No cropping, no editing. You had to turn your memory card in once you were done. Here are the 14 shots I took from our list. These pictures have been processed through photoshop CS4.

#1 Stationary Train (No people)

#2 Red Abandoned Building (No people)

#3 Water & Vegetation (Must be on the wooden dock)

#4 Statue (Any of the 3 in the park, No People)

#5 Feather Statue (People allowed)

#6 Photo Journalism (Must tell a story) 
*Won 1st place in category*

#7 Bristol Theatre (No people)

#8 Doorway (No people)

#9 Sitting area at Bristol library (No people)

#10 Church (No people)

#11 Tombstone (No people)

#12 Flower (No people)

#13 Reflection (People allowed)
*Won 1st place in category*

#14 American Flag (No people)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Halle Wedding Photos

It was such a joy being able to share a special day with Joshua and Gabrielle Halle as they said their vows and pronounced their love for each other. Even more of a joy was to be the one photographing their special first moments together as husband and wife; first dance, cake cutting and many others. I did not take the task lightly and hope they enjoy the moments captured for them to remember. Here are a few moments I captured. The rest can be seen on my flickr page here.

HDR photo of the inside of the Church

Josh's Best Man giving his speech

Gabrielle's sister and maid of honor, Deirdre, giving her speech

Josh and Gabrielle's first dance together

Cake Cutting

Gabrielle's place setting 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What an experience!

This weekend I got to experience a small amount of what it is like to be a wedding photographer, and boy what an experience it was. A good friend of mine, Gabrielle Halle (Lockman), got married and I had the great pleasure of photographing her reception. Gabrielle is a fellow photographer, GR| Photography, and one of the people that made me get into photography. She is an amazing photographer, and if you have the time you should check out her work.

I was asked if I wouldn't mind shooting her reception.  I was more than happy to say yes after giving her a full disclaimer that in NO WAY would I consider myself someone that should be trusted with capturing a day as important as this.

Being such an important day I wanted to prepare myself as much as possible. I went up to the reception hall the day before, with the itinerary in hand, and planned the whole thing in my head and took about a 130+ test shots. I did not want to mess this up! I went back the next day and lowered shades to get rid of excess lighting, removed bulletins/flyers that were on walls and doors, and even staged items/props in certain spots. Now I was ready, if that's what you want to call it.

I ended the day with about 850+ pictures from myself and 150+ pictures from the photobooth I set up. I will post a couple pictures after the bride gets them first. In the mean time here are two shots I did as a gift to the bride & groom.

The below is my first ever HDR picture, and was given matted/framed as a wedding gift. When I had to decide what my first HDR was going to be, it only took a split second to come up with this. I headed to the church after work and got this amazing result. It ended up being used in a display at the couples reception.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Macro Photo Shoot

So I have wanted to take some macro shots but with my zoom lens could not possible get in close enough and have it focus for the shot. I recently got some macro filters to put over my lens so it can focus up close. It still is not a macro lens with the great quality but it works for now, and only cost $18. A lot cheaper than $450+ for a true macro lens. Here are some shots from the shoot:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Parx Casino

About two weeks ago I did a sunset drive by past the new Parx Casino to see where the sun was at. I learned I was going to have to come back at sunrise, uuggghhh, in order to get a shot with the sun behind it. Since I get up before 8 am NEVER this would be hard. I happen to drive by at 5:30 am this past Sunday after dropping my brother off at the airport and realized the sun would be coming up soon. I stood outside for just under an hour taking pictures as the sun came up to get this shot. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can a Blackberry Curve shoot an HDR???

This is a single shot with my Blackberry Curve turned HDR.

I was on lunch and it was so beautiful I had to go outside. I have worked at this location for almost a year and never been out here. I was standing on the bridge in the shot and figured I would take a shot with my blackberry. I thought it would look a little decent. After running it through CS4 and Photomatix I couldn't believe the result. The graininess of the picture give it a 'painted' touch, which I think is what makes it work well.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Masking Photos

I have been following Trey Ratcliff for a few months now and part of his great HDR tutorial is to mask in people when necessary for an HDR shot. After learning that process I wanted to try some out in just normal photos. I have not gotten to technical with the subjects interacting or overlapping each other but that will come with time and practice.