Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Embarking on a Journey

Photographs can be many things in my opinion. They are used to remember a moment in time, sell some sort of product, and even tell a story. I can appreciate all of them and many other reasons out there people have for taking photos.

I have been into photography for a while now, which may come as a surprise. My mother was the type that always had to have pictures of any event; first day of a school year, any type of a family gathering and trips. Our whole family would wait in agony at any gathering because we all knew the words were coming at some point from her "lets take a picture". She wasn't a professional in anyway but sure had the attitude of one. Everything had to be perfect in the picture and if it wasn't we took it again. Needless to say a lot of pictures got taken through the years resulting in many of us hating pictures. Later on in life that all changed.

Though I never had "professional" equipment, I always enjoyed taking pictures, without putting people through the agony of poses. I am a much bigger fan of the in the moment look of a photo. When I look into pictures it feels like I am there with the photographer taking the shot. Being whisked away to a new place just by looking at a picture is an amazing feeling that I hope to be able to do through my learning and sharing here.

I currently have a Nikon D300 D-SLR camera with a Nikkor 18-55mm and a Nikkor 75-200mm lens. I also use Adobe Photoshop CS4 for my editing. This will change with time as I learn new techniques and will share my experiences here. Please feel free to comment and share your own experiences as well.

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