Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camera Club - Scavenger Hunt

After getting a new camera I wanted to drown myself in all things photography. I joined a local camera club, Huntingdon Valley Camera Club. We recently went on the annual photo scavenger hunt. We met at the library, where meetings are held, and found out that morning where we were going and our list of photos to capture. Our location was Bristol, PA. I had never been to the heart of Bristol, but what a beautiful and rich town it is. Located right along the water, there is so much beauty in this little town. The shots had to be taken in the order on the list and there was no redo's. Once you took the shot you had to move on. No cropping, no editing. You had to turn your memory card in once you were done. Here are the 14 shots I took from our list. These pictures have been processed through photoshop CS4.

#1 Stationary Train (No people)

#2 Red Abandoned Building (No people)

#3 Water & Vegetation (Must be on the wooden dock)

#4 Statue (Any of the 3 in the park, No People)

#5 Feather Statue (People allowed)

#6 Photo Journalism (Must tell a story) 
*Won 1st place in category*

#7 Bristol Theatre (No people)

#8 Doorway (No people)

#9 Sitting area at Bristol library (No people)

#10 Church (No people)

#11 Tombstone (No people)

#12 Flower (No people)

#13 Reflection (People allowed)
*Won 1st place in category*

#14 American Flag (No people)