Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Shoot: A Bridge Too Far

Back in the Spring a friend approached me to do a photo shoot for his band, A Bridge Too Far. Just like the Halle wedding, I quickly declined as I felt they should get a more experienced photographer. They asked again and I still declined but they persisted. I finally agreed with the condition that they lower any expectations they may have. So I begun my research and discussions with the band. Since they are a Philly area rock band, they wanted it to be at locations in Philadelphia and fit with the personality of the band. I was extremely nervous and had many doubts that I would not be able to direct the shoot the way a photographer should. With 6 locations chosen and outfits and instruments ready to go, we headed out for the shoot. Eight hours later, I was very pleased with myself and the direction I gave, the pictures came out amazing. A lot of editing was still needed. Here are a sample of the pictures. The full album can viewed here.

Photo Note: Shots were taken at multiple locations througout Center City Philadelphia; 2nd & South, Markest East Station, Behind Art Muesem, Drexel Park and Penn Treaty Park.

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